so the weekend worked out...

after all.  I made it to the 5k @ the LA Fairplex and my brother & 1 of his kids hung out with my folks.  this means I'll probably go to Burbank this week or within the next few weeks.

I think Geileen and the others posted pix of the run on their facebooks or IGs.  man, it was COLD on Saturday.  😰😱we all bundled up like sausages but as soon as we picked up a good pace, we were good.  

thanks for all your mother's day packages. 😁 that was incredibly sweet!! 

btw, I've trying to retrieve the data from my phn for the last 3 wks.  I'm probably going to end up switching 'cause it's been acting up since the last 2 updates.  till then, I'll borrow my brother's tablet. 

moving along...thanks for pointing out Bob Donahue or is it Bill? whatever!  because of him, the Bible is more interesting than Hemingway.  it's like Hemingway x 10

see you all @ the Blacklight run in Anaheim!! 🙋


so I was told today that

my uncle in burbank has a few weeks left.  not only is it his wife's (pop's sister) birthday on saturday, but that will also be their final wedding anniversary.  my aunt recently suffered a serious injury resulting in a cracked skull.  so, she hasn't been doing well either.

well, i'm needed to take my parents to burbank but i have a prior commitment that day, which my friends and i have been preparing for months in advance.  so far, no one else available to take my folks.  there is someone else, but he's being stubborn at the moment.  mom & pop are in no condition to make that drive from the high desert to burbank.  actually, pop's condition worsens every day.

i think you all know where i'm going with this.  can someone take my spot on saturday so that i can take my folks to burbank? 😕


forgive me for not replying often but i did mention a few times that my phone and email have been acting up and i've been super busy.  when i have a moment, i'll get back to each and every one of you. 

denny, the girls miss troy.  btw, i ran into your brother, beau @ cvs in benicia.  he makes me nervous.  


are there only

three countries left that don't have a central banking system owned by the rothschilds or rockefellers or whoever?  does this mean more false flag events? 💣


What's the easiest way to

resurrect a sim? Mortimer Goth died a while back but I wasn't aware right away and now I want him back @ the Goth mansion. Is there an easier method than using that death flower or having to increase the writing skill? And how do you set the ages? Thanks in advance! 😋


Thanks for the

invite aboard the hot air balloon experiment. I recently went to the one in Calistoga, but there's going to be one in Temecula...so who knows. I'd like to join the helicopter experiment if there's room. I'm lucky just to be invited!! yay!!

It's funny that people are still asking if I've turned vegan or vegetarian. I've not, but for some odd reason, I've not been craving meat. And almost all junk food for that matter. Why? Here's the channels I watch most: Dr. John BergmanDr. Mike. I think they're both from Huntington Beach. I agree with almost everything they say about health - vaccines, neurotoxins etc. and the damage that occurs in children at an early age. Very disturbing. 

I must cut this short. I'll be with my folks for a few days, then back to LA or SD. Pop microwaved a pecan in it's shell and it exploded!! 😳

It's nice seeing everyone @ the marathons. The Bunny Runs are coming up. That's not bathroom humor. 🙀 So are the Blacklight Runs, Mudder Thunder and the Foam Glow tour continues! 😙   If I get a chance, I'll update in a few days. To my friends, please stop trying to set me up with your brothers, or brother's friends or boyfriend's friends and so on. I'm remaining single BY CHOICE and don't have time for a bf. There's too much adventure out there for the free-spirited. Again, please don't take it personally when I say that I prefer to do my daily 8k walk/jogs alone in the mornings. I monitor those on the samsung health app & try to avoid interruptions. 

Speaking of free spirits...let's visit Harry in Colorado. 

**please invite me to Catalina Island experiment** <---- hint hint 😉 a friend of a friend piloted an empty cargo ship from around Dana Point to Catalina & it was neato. I'm exhausted. g'night.